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ADHD Power Chip System

ADHD Power Chip System

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Having treated children with ADD and ADHD for decades, I have witnessed the havoc it wreaks with their memory. I’ve looked a child straight in the eye, told them something, and immediately asked to repeat what I said — all I get back is a vacant stare. Children with ADHD just don’t retain auditory information the same way — and their mind often seems to be a million miles away. No wonder parents go bananas trying to get their child to remember to shut off the lights, close the door or anything else, such as doing their homework.


The “PowerChip” system has the special advantage of empowering the parent, giving them control and enabling them to guide their child in the appropriate direction that will enhance their abilities and ensure success and happiness in life.


How Does Behavior Therapy Help with ADHD?


If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD — attention deficit disorder (previously called ADD), chances are your physician discussed or prescribed medication. You may have also learned that behavioral therapy (aka, behavior modification) may be helpful. As you consider the best treatment for your child, bear in mind that these two therapies are NOT mutually exclusive. In fact, they often work best together in solving ADHD problems.


This is shown clearly by the landmark “National Institute of Mental Health‘s (NIMH) Multimodal Treatment Study of Children with ADHD”, which found both medication AND behavioral therapy resulted in the greatest improvement in ADHD symptoms. In addition, the combination treatment worked best in improving ADHD-associated oppositional behaviors, as well as other areas of functioning, like interactions with parents and school.


The Science Behind the “PowerChip” Non-Medical Intervention System:


The “PowerChip” non-medical intervention system embodies a scientific, evidence-based technique known as behavior modification. The original theory, developed by American educator B.F. Skinner, is known in psychological circle as “operant conditioning”. “PowerChip” embodies this method of behavior management and is very powerful in controlling human behavior — especially children’s. It is most effective for children who struggle with attention and impulsive behavior, like those with ADHD. The PowerChip System incorporates the use of:


STRUCTURE = a critical component that all children with ADHD/ADD require REWARDS = The motivator used by the Skinner system to encourage action

VISUAL CUES = which minimize the need for memory

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