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Take a look at the PowerChip System in action:


"I really like the Power Chip system for managing my seven year old twin daughter's chores, routines
and behaviors. I use it for morning and bed routines and behaviors, for school work and independent work without too many interruptions. It works as a positive behavior intervention
system, where you reward the positives versus focusing only on negative behavior and
consequences. It gives my daughters power to manage their behaviors, and me power as well
when I see that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing without constantly nagging at them.
It took me a while to figure out the “chip store” as we call it: what kind of rewards I would give to
them and for how many chips. Having said that, Dr. Schembri was very helpful in getting me started, and the girls have come up with ideas as well. I am truly grateful to Dr. Schembri for introducing me to this
structured rewards system." -- Blerta Z.

"The chip system has made so many positive behaviors happen for our daughter.  Once set up with expected behaviors, the rewards make doing the behaviors so much easier for the child.  While you get the child excited for the rewards, the expected behaviors you want to see start happening." - Melissa E.

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